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All About Me

7 years ago, I was 90 lbs overweight, suffering from sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, and was pre-diabetic. One day, while shaving, for some reason, I suddenly came to the decision that I was going to lose weight and reclaim my life. I took up cycling, started to change my diet, and set off on my quest. Every so often, I would plateau and would have to change what I was doing just a little bit more to continue my progress. Finally, after years of work, setbacks, triumphs, and changes, I managed to reach a level of health and fitness that I had never dreamed possible. In all that time, one thing came up over and over again. Weight loss happens in the kitchen, not in the gym or on the bike. Often times,  we think we are eating healthy and doing all the right things, but then we look closely at the labels on our food, and we find out how wrong we can be. Salad dressings are among the biggest offenders of this. Come on... who uses 2 tbsps of dressing on their salad? If I want a dry and bland salad, I'll go eat my lawn... and I have artificial grass...  So I set off to make a great tasting, low calorie dressing full of awesomeness and kick-assery. You be the judge.. I think you'll approve! 

My Philosophy

Just because it's good for you, doesn't mean it has to taste like an old shoe. If we bring a product to market, you can be pretty darn sure that it's going to taste so good that you won't believe the label. We strive to help everyone reclaim their lives and fitness... one bite at a time!

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