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What could be better than a delicious tomato dressing? One with sundried tomatoes in it! And it's Tangy, too! No, it doesn't have a partner named "Cash"... That's "Tango"... It's not the dance, either... That's also "Tango".... No, not the drink, dag-nabit! That's "Tang!". TANGY TOMATO! You're gonna love it when you try it. No bizzarro ingredients... No Chemical preservatives... and all with just a handful of calories! De-Lish!

Joe's Tangy Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette

SKU: 00003
  • Made with organic lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, sundried tomatoes, herbs, and natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, colors, or strange sounding concoctions. 

  • We use USPS flat rate shipping to anywhere within the Continental United States. Most orders will arrive within 5 business days from purchase. 

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